Dance Camps - June 17-21, 2013

9:30-11:30    Ages 5-7

Younger children revisit the fundamentals of ballet while investigating its common elements with Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop. All to fun pop tunes.

12:00-2:30    Ages 8-10

For older children with little dance experience or experience in only one dance form. Dancers build confidence, strength & flexibility while exploring Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop.

3:00-5:30    Ages 11-13

Designed to help students with limited Ballet catch up to their peers who have been dancing
for years.

Tuition: $100-2 ½ hrs; $90-2 hrs

Snack & Drink provided

Attire: ballet slippers, leotard & tights, tap shoes. Some “loaner” tap shoes are available.